This blog has permanently relocated to http://www.calblogofappeal.com. (For those of you who already thought you were accessing us at that URL, see this post.) Please reset your bookmarks, blogrolls, etc. accordingly, then go sign up for the feed from the new site. See you there!


Looking Good for the Move on Monday

Barring any unforeseen difficulties, it looks like the move to the self-hosted blog will go ahead on schedule on Monday, June 11.  I will post instructions here when the move is complete.

Please Use the WordPress URL

My work on moving to a self-hosted blog is ramping up.  Until further notice, please use the WordPress URL — https://calblogofappeal.wordpress.com — to access this blog.  While I am fiddling with the future host domain, forwarding from http://www.calblogofappeal.com will NOT work.  I’m hoping to have this move wrapped up within a week.  I’ll let everyone know when to change over to the new, permanent URL, http://www.calblogofappeal.com.

Other Judicial Council Proposals Awaiting Comment

In addition to the three proposals I posted about today, the Judicial Council is soliciting comments on several other proposals.  They are consolidated here.  There is also a downloadable fact sheet on “How a Proposal Becomes a Rule.”

Changes Made and Changes Coming to The California Blog of Appeal

I’m in the process of setting up my own web host for The California Blog of Appeal. Right now, the blog is hosted on WordPress.com. at the URL https://calblogofappeal.wordpress.com.

Those of you who have found the blog through a link from another site already know this. But those of you accessing the blog through the URL http://www.calblogofappeal.com may not. I have domain forwarding set up on the calblogofappeal.com domain name and, until tonight, also had domain masking enabled. That means that if you typed in the URl http://www.calblogofappeal.com, you were forwarded to the WordPress URL but it was hidden from you.

The chief drawback to this domain forwarding and masking scheme is that if you then click on a specific post title or the link to its comments, the URL in your address bar still says calblogofappeal.com, which means you can’t identify the specific URL of the post for trackbacks or linking. Tonight, I disabled the masking, so as soon as you reach the site, you’ll see the wordpress URL in the address bar.

When I move the blog to my host, the actual address of the bog will be calblogofappeal.com. If you subscreibe to the RSS feed, you will probably have to resubscribe after the move.

I’m trying to get this done while the blog is still young (it’s 32 days old today) and before it gets too many followers (being optimistic — except for the three-day weekend, I’ve enjoyed a boost in traffic most of the last week or so, creating a greater sense of urgency to get set up as a self-hosted blog). And since I’m not sure I can resume my blog stats where they leave off when I move from WordPress, I do not want to let a large number of hits build up just top start at zero again. Finally, I’ve been holding off on many of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other steps for increasing theblog’s visibility until it moves to its own host.

I plan to keep the same general look on the blog (the maroon-to-black banner, fonts, etc.), though I may have to make some changes in the course of switching to the new host.

This won’t happen for a while, but I wanted to give everyone fair warning and explain what I will be doing and why I will be doing it. I also want to mininmize any loss of readership due to the transition. My target date to complete this process is June 18, but that’s likely to slip. I will post updates as the project progresses.

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RSS Feed Issue Resolved

I’ve corrected the RSS Feed link in the right sidebar.  The former link was inadvertently set up with an incorrect address for the feed.  So, if you have tried unsuccessfully to subscribe to the feed, try again. I’ve also added direct links to subscribe to the feed through a number of services, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., so users of those services no longer have to go to the newsreader link and then click on another link at that page.

Technorati Claim Post

Purely administrative stuff here, folks.

In 1979’s The Jerk, Steve Martin’s character, Navin Johnson, sees his name in the phone book for the first time and exclaims, “This is the kind of publicity that gets people noticed!”

Well, that’s what they say today about Technorati and blogs. So here’s my post for the Technorati spiders to claim my blog and send me on the way to internet fame . . .

Technorati Profile

Here we go! Hold on!